First Friday Free Fiction Draft

Welcome! I’m J. Philip Horne, your host. I write fantasy novels for MG & YA readers. My October 6 First Friday promotion is BOOKS FOR YOUR KIDS. It is aimed at full stories (novels, novellas, and short stories) intended for the fifteen-and-under crowd, though some of the books will also be appealing to older teens. The books are given away via either InstaFreebie or BookFunnel.

I hope you find some books you love and new authors to enjoy! And if you do, please leave them a review and help spread the word.

Do you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited? Both JOSS THE SEVEN and its sequel GUARDIAN ANGEL are available to read for free via KU.

JOSS THE SEVEN by J. Philip Horne / New powers. Big problems. 14-year-old Joss Morgan just found out he has superpowers. It may get him killed. / Genre: Preteen & Teen Contemporary Fantasy, Superhero / Full novel
TOONOPOLIS: GEMINI by Jeremy Rodden / Toonopolis is a cartoon city, home to the ideas of all sentient beings in the universe. Gemini is thrust into Toonopolis through a research program. / Genre: MG/YA Fantasy / Full novel
SWIM SEASON by Marianne Sciucco / The new girl on the team challenges a longstanding school record with a $50,000 scholarship prize. / Genre: Teen & Young Adult, Coming of Age / Full novel

CITY OF SKIES by Farah Cook / Viking themed fantasy novel set in a sci-fi, dystopian world with a strong female lead who falls in love with her sworn enemy. / Genre: Fantasy, Dystopian, SCi-Fi / Short story
SLEEPERS (Book 1, The Blue Planets World) by Darcy Pattison / Earth finally hears from space: You only live on land; allow us to live in the seas. Sci-fi with a touch of sweet romance. / Genre: MG Science Fiction, Aliens / Full novel
SKIP by Perrin Briar / A mysterious clock controls time. What happens when it breaks? / Genre: Time Travel Fantasy / Full novel

FIREBORN (Book 1, The Fireborn Series) by LJ Clarkson / The newest recruit to the Guild of Shadows has just broken rule number one: don't summon supernatural creatures to Earth! / Genre: MG fantasy/paranormal / Full novel
RA-KIT'S INITIATION by W. Bradford Swift / Ra-Kit is the last living magic cat, but where did her magic come from? Is she really 500 years old or is that a myth? Finally, the story is revealed. / Genre: MG Fantasy Animal Lore / Short story
CHEEKY CHARLIE by Mat Waugh / You think you know trouble? Meet Charlie. Old ladies love him, but now his big sister is ready to spill the beans. Warm tales of chaos for kids 6+ / Genre: Chapter book, short stories / Full novel

RUTHIE BAYOU AND THE MIXED-UP MINOTAUR by C.McIntosh / A book-lover, a magical chair and an amazing adventure! / Genre: Fantasy, magic, Greek mythology / Full novel
THE DRAGON SLAYER'S SON by Robinne Weiss / Four friends, a missing dad and...dragons. / Genre: MG Fantasy, Dragons / Full novel
THE WITCH WITH THE GLITCH by Adam Maxwell / Friends with a secret. A mysterious room. A spell that threatens them all. Join in the Halloween adventure! / Genre: Middle Grade, Halloween, Fairy Tale / Full novel

LOLLI AND THE LOLLIPOP: MEDITATION ADVENTURES FOR KIDS by Elena Paige / Includes three cleverly crafted meditations, designed specifically to promote healing and transformation while being incredibly fun for your child. / Genre: Self-help fantasy fiction / Full novel
THROUGH THE PORTAL (Sentinel Archives #1) by Jackie Castle / Start off... if you dare... by entering Through the Portal and into the Realm: A land of enchantment and adventure. / Genre: Fantasy / Full novel
Z-MINUS by Perrin Briar / A Mysterious Clock Controls Time. What Happens When It Breaks? / Genre: Time Travel Fantasy / Full novel

THE ADVENTURES OF CHARLIE CHAMELEON: NEW BEGININGS by Ellen L. Buikema / Moving and making new friends is tough! When Charlie’s family starts their adventure in New Town, Charlie discovers that he is braver than he knows. / Genre: Chapter Book, Humorous Adventures / Full novella
WORD BY WORD READERS (Books 1 & 2) by Philip Gibson / Books 1 & 2 Illustrated graded readers for English-speaking children learning to read and children learning English as a second or foreign language. / Genre: Graded readers / Short story
ALL ABOUT ANIMALS by Philip Gibson / Lee, Pat and Tom learn about animals. / Genre: Graded readers for children / Full novella

THE GIRL AND HER PONY by Angharad Thompson Rees / She found a wild pony roaming free – the prettiest thing you’ll ever see. With coat of red and heart of gold, a beautiful story will soon unfold… / Genre: Aged 6-8, Bedtime Stories, Happy Endings / Short story
FIRMAMENT: RADIALLOY by J. Grace Pennington / When secrets from her past threaten everything she loves, a starship doctor's daughter must race to outsmart desperate mutineers before time runs out. / Genre: Christian, Young Adult, Science Fiction / Full novel
FAIRY EYEGLASSES by Emily Martha Sorensen / When Cassie finds a magic pair of glasses that allow her to see fairies, she has to figure out what the fairies want her to do with them. / Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy / Full novella

A THIEF'S FORTUNE by Bobby Fisher / Ewyn is a young orphan and a thief by necessity. When a rash act leaves him condemned to an inescapable prison, he must risk everything to break free. / Genre: Fantasy Adventure / Short story
LETTER TO SANTA: A CHRISTMAS BOOK by Kerry McQuaide / Dear Santa, Mommy says a castle is too big for you to carry here in your sleigh. Please bring a dragon instead. Love, Midge / Genre: Children's Picture Book, ages 0-5 / Short story
JADEN TOUSSAINT, THE GREATEST EPISODE 1: THE QUEST FOR SCREEN TIME by Marti Dumas / Jaden Toussaint, 5-year-old scientist and all around cool dude, is on a mission to get more screen time. / Genre: Chapter Book, Humorous, Ages 5-10 / Full novel

JOURNEY TO MERMAID KINGDOM by Celesta Thiessen / When the Thiessen family opens a treasure chest that they find on the beach, the four children and their mother are transformed into mermaids! / Genre: Fantasy - Easy Chapter Book / Full novella
HERE'S SPELLING by Charlotte Cotter / Spelling is a boy wizard with a lot on his mind. Will his sister ever stop yelling and why won’t his eccentric parents ever let him use any magic? / Genre: Early Reader / Humour / Short story

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