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Welcome! I’m an author, but you probably already knew that. If you’d like to learn why I probably shouldn’t have been able to write any books, check out my bio. My blog has my up-to-date musing and writings. I highly recommend my youngest son’s great video book reviews over on the review page. Have a look around, and be sure to visit me on my facebook page to stay in touch.

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Amazon Marketing Services and ROI

You’ve got books. You want to sell books. Once you’ve shaken down all your friends, what comes next? Many authors who use Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) to publish directly to the Amazon Kindle market end up trying out Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), which allows authors to advertise their books within Amazon’s ebook ecosystem based on similar books and book searches.

There’s a catch. The AMS reporting is extremely slow and often confusing. I can’t do anything about the ridiculously long delays (sales sometimes show up days after they happen), but I hope to provide some guidance to make the reports more meaningful as you try to determine your ROI (Return on Investment). (more…)

Six Question Saturday with Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

Here’s our author for today’s Six Question Saturday!

Jenelle is a rare and elusive creature known as an “author.” She enjoys wandering in the woods, opening doors in search of hidden passageways, and carrying on animated conversations with those strange and invisible beings known as “characters.”

Jenelle grew up the oldest of four children. Every night before bedtime her father read to her and her siblings, and it was during these times that her love for adventure and fantasy were forged. While she adored the stories of the Lord of the Rings, the Chronicles of Prydain, the Wheel of Time, and the Chronicles of Narnia; it wasn’t long before her imagination led her to the creation of a world and story all her own. (more…)

Six Question Saturday with Jeremy Rodden

Here’s our author for today’s Six Question Saturday!

Jeremy Rodden considers himself a dad first and an author second. He is the author of the middle grade/young adult Toonopolis series of books that take place in his cartoon universe. He also edited, contributed to, and published The Myth of Mr. Mom, a non-fiction series of essays by stay-at-home dads. (more…)

Six Question Saturday with Savannah Jezowski

Here’s our author for today’s Six Question Saturday!

Savannah Jezowski lives in a drafty farmhouse in Amish country with her Knight in Shining Armor, her little warrior princess and a loyal brigade of dogs and kitties. She is the author of When Ravens Fall and is also a featured author in Five Enchanted Roses from Rooglewood Press. Her work has been published in Ray Gun Revival, Mindflights and in the student publication of Fountains at Pensacola Christian College. She likes books, faeries, writing hats and having tea with her imaginary friends. (more…)

Six Question Saturday with Jennifer Kibble

Here’s our author for today’s Six Question Saturday!

Jennifer Kibble is the author of the Phoenix Element series. There are three books in total so far and she hopes to write more. That is when she isn’t distracted by her “day job” as a cook. Or her cat Tidus who likes to jump onto the computer desk. Not to mention her dog Shepard who wants all the attention. But I digress: Phoenix Element! This is a young adult fantasy series with elements of magic, adventure, and super heroes. Think Harry Potter meets the Avengers. Wait, this is an author blurb, not a book blurb. Oops. Jennifer has been writing off and on, starting when she was in the fifth grade. Jennifer didn’t start to get serious with her writing until witnessing the final launch of the space shuttle Discovery. Exploring the museum, and later on hearing the boom of a rocket stirred something within her. And here we are. (more…)