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Welcome! I’m J. Philip Horne, your host. I write fantasy novels for MG & YA readers. I don’t have an active promotion this month. Sorry!

Sorry! We don't have an active promotion going on right now.


The books in this bonus section are by the same authors that have books listed above. These books are free to read for those of you who are part of the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program. Kindle Unlimited is an Amazon program that has a ton of books available to read for $9.99 a month. You can start a free 30-day trial by clicking here if you’d like.

None here either.

One more for the road…
Please enjoy my son’s very short book review of Thaddeus Whiskers and the Dragon by H.L. Burke. You can get the book here. Join me on my Facebook page for more fun!

78 thoughts on “First Friday Free Fiction”

  1. I can’t believe all these books are free. Thank you so very much. My income requirements tell me how I can afford just a couple of books per month. Thank you kindly!!! I am so tickled to have these to read.

  2. Thank you for all the wonderful books. I see some new authors and this gives me a chance to check them out. I really like the KU options as well. This way I have even more ways to enjoy need authors. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for such a wonderful offer, but instant freebie does not work on my phone right. Do you know if any of the Author’s go through Book funnel? Thanks for understanding my situation, your reader and friend Patricia Rose

    1. I personally send an email with a backup Bookfunnel download for my book, but I’m not sure about the other authors.
      J. Philip Horne

  4. I think some of these books would be interesting reading. But due to problems with my computer it won’t download instafreebie books.

    1. I’m really sorry to hear that. I actually provide an alternate download link to bookfunnel in one of the first emails I send for my books. I know several other authors do this as well, fwiw.

    2. I have problems with instafreebie too, so instead of mobi or epub I try to get the books as PDF. Might work for you. (Problem is with my old Kindle, not the IFree program itself.)

  5. I’m soo happy to see the MG/YA books included.

    I think once before, there was a separate list or link for them.

    One of the best First Fridays with new works added!

    1. That’s right. I change up the theme a bit each month, but try to make sure the MG/YA books work with the theme, whatever it is.

  6. Thank you for the time and effort you give to bring readers and writers together. I have found many a fabulous author to follow and series to read from First Friday Free Fiction!!

  7. Love that you offer this chance for everyone to get to know of and dive into so many different authors and books. It is a wonderful opportunity and to many, those of us on tight budgets, it is like a huge gift. There is no way I could afford to pick up these books, to become acquainted with the new series. I thank you for the opportunity.

    1. Ditto for me! I really appreciate being able to get books that I can store on a Kindle so that they don’t take up space in my limited space while I’m rehabbing.

  8. Free Books! WOW! What a great way to be introduced to a great mixture of new authors. It’s far better than a free trial of the new miracle cure that ultimately cost you $19.95 for shipping and handling. These books are really free and mostly, pretty well written.

  9. This is a wonderful idea. It allows people on a small income to access and read many different Authors. I love Sci fi and Fantasy and wasn’t aware how many Authors I had never heard of, were writing and publishing books.
    Also by reading the first of a Series, if you are like me, you then buy it from Amazon to see what happened next.

  10. As many have stated in other post, I really enjoy the chance for a free book. I am disabled, and on a very strict income. It is a decision every month, to have food or entertainment. When I find a new series I enjoy, I do purchase the books to support the Author & be able to finish a series. Free is always the best though! :-)

    Thanks for your kindness and giving many of us a chance to read books we normally wouldn’t be able to buy.


    1. Lauren,
      Go to They send you an email everyday with about 8 or 9 books, some are free and other $.99 and there will be a few that are more expensive but you don’t have to take the. You fill out a form of what kind of books you like and that’s what gets sent to you. That’s how I started many a series. Amazon unlimited will let you get 10 books per month for $10 per month. When it says book 1 I always make sure it is a standalone book or the rest are on Unlimited, so you read one an then go to the next and delete the first one. Thant’s how I got started on the Pam Of Babylon books by Suzanne Jenkins, one of the best series to read.

  11. It seems that quite a few of us have a limited income and tight finances. I also read a lot of books of different genres. Insatiable, really!
    Thank you for posting the first books of a series as that gives the true flavor of that series. I would also Thank you for them being free. That really helps my budget as well.

  12. Thank you for sharing the opportunity to read these books. Family of 5 on limited income means that the bills, then food take up available $’s. The chance to read and escape into a book is a much needed escape, well appreciated.

    Thank you for sharing :)

  13. I too, am disabled, so live on a very strict allowance, so getting books for free is a bonus for me. It takes me usually 2 hours to read one book that is about 2-3 inches thick. So sometimes, if the pain is really bad, read 3-5 books per day. So this will really get expensive to buy a lot of books. It also lets me learn about other authors like myself. Just starting out in my writing, process, myself. So to my fellow writers, good luck in your stories, plus looking forward to reading your books. After I read them, I give reviews too on Goodreads, plus on Amazon. Thanks for giving us the privilege of reading your books. Also go to utube, to listen with audio ebooks with favorite authors, plus learning about new authors on there too. It all helps, when you are on a limited budget.

  14. Thank you for the opportunity to obtain books for free as it gives me the chance to read from different authors up front with out putting out money for a series I may not connect with. I hate spending on a book to not be able to connect to it. I love the books where you can pick it up and from the start at the first page you feel that you are actually experiencing it all the way through to last page and can not wait until the next book is out. It is always the first book that gets you hooked. If I enjoy the first book of a series I will do what I can to obtain all of the rest.

  15. I love to read new authors books and if it is a multple set..I would gladly buy another. But do not care for a middle book and then having to go backwards…..just delete if I have not read the first one. is similar to watching the middle of movie then having to decide do you want to know how it started or how it ends… anxiety will not allow me to break up my thought processes.

  16. I am disabled and do not get out too often and am on a fairly strict budget. Even paying 99 cents for a book can get expensive for readerholic like me. In the colder weather season I read around 25-30 books per week. Free books are my lifesaver! I am not much of a TV person but can read and exercise my imagination through reading favorite and new indie writers. Thank you for freebies!!

    1. I get you Sherri. I too read masses of books and yes paying for all of them would bankrupt me. I too am disabled. I love free books – and too often they tempt into buying more from that author. For me, a free book introduces me to a new author I would not otherwise know about, or realistically, buy their books.

  17. love love love!!! i love the chance to find new authors and try them out. I discovered one author and loved the book so much i bought every ebook they made lol.

  18. Thank you so much for making books available to those of us who really live on a fixed income. This is also a great way to explore new author’s. Once again thank you. Linda

  19. Your site is so helpful and so wonderful! First, I am on an extremely low income, so these books help to give me reading material for weeks to come (I’m pretty well homebound, so library trips are few and far between). Second, you have a tremendous assortment of books here, with quite a few sub-genres. Third, these books being free makes it a whole lot easier to take a chance on a book by an indie author who I would have otherwise passed over in favor of one I knew had written well before. Four, because I review 99% of what I read online, the good indie authors get more exposure and, hopefully, more encouragement to keep writing. If they keep writing, I have more of their books to read! See, we all win! By the way, what does MG stand for?

    1. Thanks for the great feedback. MG is Middle Grade. That step between children’s chapter books and the more mature YA books. The specific ages vary based on who you ask, but generally around 10 to 14 years of age.

  20. I really appreciate the blurbs you supply so that I have some idea of what the book is about before I order the InstaFreebie. The covers are fantastic but they can be deceiving.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Anne. One of the reasons I started this page was to add those blurbs. So many of the promotion pages out there for Instafreebie only show the cover, which I find unsatisfying.

  21. Thank you for posting the free books. Many new authors here for me. I enjoy getting the free ones mso i can a check a author out before i commit with a purchase.

  22. Thank you for the free books, and the introduction to new authors.This is such a great opportunity for bookworms.
    Thanks and Regards

    1. Hi Suzanne,

      If you click on the books your interested in, t will take you to their instafreebie giveaway page. Just fill in the info and you’ll receive the book in your inbox. You’ll need to do this for each book individually.

      Hope that helps!

  23. For those who won’t sign up for novellas or ‘partial’ stories–first, these are free and they give you a chance to see the author’s writing style without spending a penny. Be thankful for the opportunity.

  24. Thank you for the freebies. They are very welcome as they give one an opportunity to read new authors which would not otherwise be possible. I am partial to thrillers, serious suspense, historical romance and of course paranormal. This genre can be expanded in so many different ways. Once again thank you. Keep writing and we will keep reading.

  25. I love reading and reviewing books, it wouldn’t be a problem for me at all. I read Everything I can my hands on. Please pas it along, and thank you in advance.
    Bonnie Mitchell

  26. Hi, I’m sure you are hearing from people like me– published my first e-book on Amazon and it’s just not getting read. I need stars! Or just reviews! I need to know what people think! Are you in a position where you’d accept a gift book, or take a look at an e-book? I’m not sure how to approach people I don’t know like this, so hope I didn’t step out of line. Thanks for any info…

    Debi Ennis Binder
    Hopeful author of “Summerbird Rises”

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