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Welcome! I’m J. Philip Horne, your host. I write fantasy novels for MG & YA readers. My April 6 First Friday promotion is another potpourri. We also had a potpourri in March, but this is an entirely new set of books! You’ll find books of every genre, though they stay toward the clean side (think G, PG, or PG-13). At the bottom of the page is a bonus section with books by the same authors that are part of Kindle Unlimited for those of you who participate in that Amazon program.
I’ve just launched my new novel, GUARDIAN ANGEL. It’s the second book in the Guild of Sevens series and the sequel to JOSS THE SEVEN (which you can download below for free on InstaFreebie). Amazon reviewers give JOSS THE SEVEN 4.9 stars!

THE SECRET OF CAMP WHISPERING PINES by Tara Ellis / InstaFreebie / When Sam and Ally embark on their next quest together, they have no idea what secrets hide in the shadows at Camp Whispering Pines. / Genre: Middle Grade Mystery / Partial novel
JOSS THE SEVEN by J. Philip Horne / InstaFreebie / 14-year-old Joss Morgan just found out he has superpowers. It may get him killed. / Genre: Contemporary Fantasy Action, Superhero, MG / Full novel
A RING TO DIE FOR by Stephanie Damore / InstaFreebie / Dive in to the world of Beauty Secrets and meet the characters in this fast-paced, whodunit mystery! / Genre: Cozy mystery, chicklit, humor / Short story

BABBLE: THE COSMIC CONSPIRACY SERIES BOOK 1 by Orrin Jason Bradford / InstaFreebie / One young boy is the key to the universe. A young boy is discovered to be the link between the human race and the farthest reaches of the universe. / Genre: Science Fiction / First Contact / Full novel
MALIGNANT by Emily Kazmierski / InstaFreebie / When Reese's mom is diagnosed with terminal cancer, she chooses to forgo treatment. Will she also lose her father? / Genre: Coming of Age, Diseases and Ilnesses / Partial novel
DISCORD by Katy Haye / InstaFreebie / "The Matrix meets Planet of the Apes." Beth forgot her past. What if there's nothing to remember? "A clever, slow-burning fantasy mystery." / Genre: YA science-fiction / Full novel

ETERNITY ACTS SHORT STORIES by Jordan C. Robinson / InstaFreebie / The residents of Ikalga are a cursed population. These 14 tales describe how the populace deal with the challenges that accompany such a curse. / Genre: Epic Fantasy / Short story
GODDESS ASCENDING by Janeal Falor / InstaFreebie / Izlana, goddess of creation, has been captured by humans and must fight her way back to the heavens. / Genre: YA Fantasy / Full novel
SNOWED IN WITH DEATH by Ruby Loren / InstaFreebie / Trapped in a house with a serial killer, Holly Winter must solve the case... or die trying! / Genre: Cozy Mystery, Murder Mystery / Full novella

HALF-ORC STAND (A HALF-ORD REDEMPTION PREVIEW) by Luke T. Barnett / InstaFreebie / The half-orc, Gash of the Bloodaxe, has known only torture for most of his life. Determined to overcome it, he must survive in a world that hates him / Genre: Epic Fantasy / Partial novel
KILLER CLIMATE by Alannah Foley / InstaFreebie / Aussie surf star Scott discovers that the cold climate isn't the only killer around when the director dies on set of the Campervan Bushman TV show. / Genre: Cozy Mystery / Full novel
ROOM 42 by D.K. Cassidy / InstaFreebie / In a future where humans can no longer die naturally, Dr. Vivian Toujours is fueled by a desire to return a sense of normalcy to the world. / Genre: Dystopian Science Fiction / Short story

GRAFFITI HACK by Elen Ghulam / InstaFreebie / A hacker's off kilter sense of style get's her into a heap of cyber trouble. / Genre: women's fiction / Partial novel
FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE by Chogan Swan / InstaFreebie / When Kest joins Aylie for a university lecture, he finds himself fighting Deep State attacks on human rights & freedom. If they lose, billions suffer. / Genre: YA Dystopian SF / Partial novel
ROYAL REPLICAS by Michael Pierce / InstaFreebie / "Princess Amelia is dead... and one of you will replace her." / Genre: YA Dystopian, Light Romance / Full novel

THE VISCOUNT'S CHRISTMAS TEMPTATION by Erica Ridley / InstaFreebie / When a flash of lightning destroys the venue for Viscount Sheffield's winter ball, whirlwind Amelia Pembroke comes to the rescue! / Genre: Historical Romance / Full novella
THE VAMPIRE AND THE PARAMEDIC by Jamie Davis / InstaFreebie / Paramedic Brynne Garvey meets a vampire and discovers a whole new world of patients amidst the creatures of myth and legend. / Genre: Supernatural Suspense, Urban Fantasy / Full novella
SANCTUARY by Zainab T. Khan / InstaFreebie / Sanctuary (n.) the protection that is provided by a safe place. / Genre: Multi-cultural, small town / Short story

A MATTER OF SCALE by Jonathon Burgess / InstaFreebie / The tale of thief saving a village from seven baby dragons! / Genre: Fantasy / Short story
THE COUNTESS INTRIGUE by Wendy May Andrews / InstaFreebie / Forced to marry an earl rumored to have killed his first wife. Can she stay alive long enough to find happily ever after? / Genre: Sweet Romance, Regency Romance / Partial novel
THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD by Suzanne Whitfield Vince / InstaFreebie / Rowan McClain has everything a girl could ask for, except love. Army Lieutenant Luke Cartwright has only one thing on his mind, and it’s not love. / Genre: Contemporary Romance / Full novella

EVIL RISES by Wesley Robert Lowe / InstaFreebie / Cruelty, murder and torture are the hallmarks of Chin, a ruthless Asian criminal kingpin. How did he become like this? Can anyone stop him? / Genre: Action Adventure / Full novella
RISE OF A GUARDIAN by LJ Andrews / InstaFreebie / Can one outcast save four extraordinary forgotten realms before ancient magic destroys them all? / Genre: Fantasy / Full novel
SHE SEES IN HER SLEEP (THREE NOVEMBER SNOW SHORTS) by A.M. Manay / InstaFreebie / The past is a long time when you are immortal. Vampire, fairies, and werewolves plant the seeds of future events in the November Snow Series. / Genre: Supernatural, Paranormal, Fantasy / Short story

PROPHECY OF LIGHT - TRAPPED by RJ Crayton / InstaFreebie / Kady has been hiding her entire life, but when her pursuer finally catches up, she learns she has unexpected powers. / Genre: YA fantasy / Full novella
DRAGON'S FIRST CHRISTMAS by Emily Martha Sorensen / InstaFreebie / Baby dragon Virgil didn't mean to sneeze and burn down the Christmas tree. But it was hot, and bright, and pretty! / Genre: Clean new adult fantasy / Full novella
BLOOD LUST by DJ Shaw / InstaFreebie / Catriogwyn Stacey has been around for two hundred thirteen years and has seen a lot in that time. / Genre: Paranormal Romance / Short story

BOOK OF ELEMENTS by Samuel E. Green / InstaFreebie / When Deobard discovers an enchanted book in the castle’s forbidden tower, he triggers traps that unleash monsters. Will the book's spells save him? / Genre: Coming of Age Fantasy / Full novella
THE SEEKER FROM THE STARS by Brandon Barr / InstaFreebie / A monstrous creature from a distant star comes to earth searching for something most unexpected... / Genre: Science Fiction / Short story
HARRY ON THE RUN by Steve Turnbull / InstaFreebie / Harry & Sellie aren't typical sisters. On a trip in their steam-powered runabout, they are distracted by a Zeppelin & things go from normal to crazy. / Genre: ACTION-ADVENTURE, STEAMPUNK / Full novella

THE SERAPHIM CHANGELINGS by Melinda R. Cordell / InstaFreebie / Meira wakes up as a raccoon -- a Changeling. Now she, a puma, a horse, and her little brother are the Changelings' last hope. / Genre: YA fantasy, action-adventure / Full novel
FOXTAILS: A PARANORMAL REGENCY ROMANCE by Erica Laurie / InstaFreebie / Elizabeth wanted an adventure like she reads in her beloved books. She gets more than she bargains for when a 9 tailed fox falls in love with her. / Genre: YA Fantasy / Full novel
SUCH A SECRET PLACE by Cortney Pearson / InstaFreebie / When Ambry Csille discovers a vial of enchanted tears, she becomes the target of the tyrannical Arcaian soldiers and finds herself on the run. / Genre: YA Fantasy / Full novel

FAMILY REUNION: A SHORT STORY by Jaxon Reed / InstaFreebie / A history professor finds himself in a family reunion stretching across the bounds of time. / Genre: Science Fiction, Time Travel / Short story
BARBECUE, BOURBON AND BULLETS by M.E. Harmon / InstaFreebie / Revenge is a dish best served...smoking hot with a side of spicy fries. / Genre: Cozy Mystery / Full novella
WITCH SONG by Amber Argyle / InstaFreebie / Alone, Brusenna faces the darkness all the other witches have failed to vanquish. / Genre: YA, sword & sorcery, epic, coming of age / Full novel

WRAPPED UP IN YOU by Erin Bevan / InstaFreebie / Princess to the Sleigh must pick a husband in less than three weeks when the toy factory goes up in flames by an unexpected visitor. / Genre: Fantasy Romance / Partial novel
LOLLI AND THE GREAT SCIENCE EXPERIMENT by Elena Paige / InstaFreebie / A BONUS (instafreebie exclusive) adventure to the Land of Color, where a wondrous science competition is taking place on WORLD SCIENCE DAY! / Genre: Children's fantasy/self-help / Short story
PAGAN APOCALYPSE by John Triptych / InstaFreebie / A young boy must survive and rescue his family as the ancient gods of myth and legend return to the modern world. / Genre: mythological post apocalyptic / Full novella

MY NAME IS TIARRA by Mimi Marten / InstaFreebie / A woman on a mission. Powerful man with an agenda. Mutual attraction. Can they both get what they want? / Genre: Contemporary women's fiction / Full novel
EVEN WITCHES GET THE BLUES~A PARANORMAL COZY by J.D. Winters / InstaFreebie / Haley is a witch with amnesia defending herself against charges of murder! That's hard to do when you can't remember yesterday. / Genre: Mystery, Paranormal, Witches, Fantasy / Full novel
IN THE PRESENCE OF LONELINESS by C. Dennis Moore / InstaFreebie / After a bitter breakup, Tom is trying to start over, this time on his own. Except the house he's moved into isn't exactly empty. / Genre: Horror / Short story

COAL: BOOK ONE OF THE EVERLEAF SERIES by Constance Burris / InstaFreebie / Shapeshifting Elves, Dragons, and Dwarves J.R.R. Tolkien and Percy Jackson Fans will love this exciting coming of age fantasy. / Genre: YA Epic Fantasy / Full novel
The Silver Skull - Book 3 in the Mastermind Academy Series by LJ Clarkson / InstaFreebie / Isabelle must track down the most powerful of thirteen crystal skulls to save her kidnapped family...all while juggling her study. / Genre: middle grade fantasy science fiction / Partial novel
CITY OF SKIES by Farah Cook / InstaFreebie / Nora Hunt embarks on a quest to discover the Viking mystery of the hidden Shadowislands. Will she succeed where others have failed? / Genre: Sci-Fi, Fanatsy, Norse, Dystopia / Partial novel


The books in this bonus section are by the same authors that have books listed above. These books are free to read for those of you who are part of the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program. Kindle Unlimited is an Amazon program that has a ton of books available to read for $9.99 a month. You can start a free 30-day trial by clicking here if you’d like.

HERITAGE, BLOOD OF OUR ANCESTORS by Tara Ellis / Kindle Unlimited / Trapped in a society on the verge of collapse, Alex battles unseen forces and unlocks ancient secrets in an attempt to save the human race. / Genre: YA Sci-Fi/Dystopian / Full novel
RISING TIDES by Katy Haye / Kindle Unlimited / Libby can't trust Cosimo. But she might not survive without him. / Genre: YA post-apocalyptic / Full novel
SPILT MILK: A COLLECTION OF STORIES by D.K. Cassidy / Kindle Unlimited / Welcome to Urban Gothic stories that are droll, horrific, and thought provoking all in one. / Genre: Urban Gothic, Literary Fiction / Full novella

SPOONFUL CHRONICLES by Elen Ghulam / Kindle Unlimited / To unlock the secret to her destiny, one woman must remember everything she has ever eaten. / Genre: women's fiction / Full novel
KINDLE SERIES 3-BOOK BUNDLE by Orrin Jason Bradford / Kindle Unlimited / In the face of corruption, greed, and power, a new world order will rise… Born out of chaos in a world that fears them, the Kindred have arrived. / Genre: Science Fiction / Genetic Engineering / Full novel
FILLING THE VOID by Zainab T. Khan / Kindle Unlimited / Two incomplete individuals who meet in the unlikeliest of circumstances, just to be whole again. Fate sure loves an extravagance. / Genre: Coming of Age. Fantasy. Magical Realism. / Full novella

THE TAINTED CROWN by Meg Cowley / Kindle Unlimited / What is the price of kingship? Prince Soren flees, framed for killing the queen. He’ll need magic, the help of dragons and luck to reclaim his throne. / Genre: Epic fantasy, coming of age fantasy / Full novel
TERROR UNLEASHED - A NOAH REID ACTION THRILLER by Wesley Robert Lowe / Kindle Unlimited / Noah is catapulted mayhem when it’s found out that his boss bilked billions from a psychopathic Shaolin Master. / Genre: Action Thriller / Full novel
PROPHECY OF LIGHT - UNLEASHED by RJ Crayton / Kindle Unlimited / Kady must learn to unleash the magic trapped inside her if she is to help the mage Pylum rescue her aunt. / Genre: YA fantasy / Full novel

THE SHATTERED ORB by Samuel E. Green / Kindle Unlimited / For a thousand years, wraiths have been held at bay with the carcaern orbs. But someone is shattering orbs and murdering gods. / Genre: Epic Fantasy / Full novel
SONG OF THE WORLDS (BOXED SET, BOOKS 1-3) by Brandon Barr / Kindle Unlimited / A fast-paced fantasy epic that stretches beyond the stars. Two women, two worlds, one epic destiny... / Genre: Epic Sci-fi Fantasy / Full novel
GHOSTSUIT: AN EMPATHIC DETECTIVE NOVEL by Jaxon Reed / Kindle Unlimited / An electronic twist on controlling spirits. / Genre: Science Fiction, Technothriller / Full novel

LOLLI AND THE TALKING BOOKS by Elena Paige / Kindle Unlimited / Lolli comes from the Land of Color and speaks directly to children guiding them through stories that they themselves adventure on and feel a part of. / Genre: Children's Fantasy/Self-help / Full novel
TROUBLE FINDING BLONDIE by Mimi Marten / Kindle Unlimited / She disappeared and moved to Paris. He found her. Can love heal his & her betrayal? Complicated life drama about friendships, passion and love.❤️ / Genre: contemporary women's fiction / Full novel
DARKNESS GATHERING by Chogan Swan / Kindle Unlimited / The home Seth left in order to save it is under siege while he struggles to find his way out of the shadow. / Genre: Epic Fantasy / Full novel

One more for the road…
Please enjoy my son’s very short book review of Thaddeus Whiskers and the Dragon by H.L. Burke. You can get the book here. Join me on my Facebook page for more fun!

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  1. I’m soo happy to see the MG/YA books included.

    I think once before, there was a separate list or link for them.

    One of the best First Fridays with new works added!

    1. That’s right. I change up the theme a bit each month, but try to make sure the MG/YA books work with the theme, whatever it is.

  2. Thank you for the time and effort you give to bring readers and writers together. I have found many a fabulous author to follow and series to read from First Friday Free Fiction!!

  3. Love that you offer this chance for everyone to get to know of and dive into so many different authors and books. It is a wonderful opportunity and to many, those of us on tight budgets, it is like a huge gift. There is no way I could afford to pick up these books, to become acquainted with the new series. I thank you for the opportunity.

    1. Ditto for me! I really appreciate being able to get books that I can store on a Kindle so that they don’t take up space in my limited space while I’m rehabbing.

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