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Welcome! I’m J. Philip Horne, your host. I write fantasy novels for MG & YA readers, and you’ll find a variety of books below that are generally fantasy and aimed at YA or younger. A majority of the books are free on InstraFreebie, with some on Kindle Unlimited. You’ll find novels, novellas, and short stories.

InstaFreebie is a great source for free books. In most cases, the authors ask that you sign up for their email newsletter to receive the book. Kindle Unlimited is an Amazon program that has a ton of books available to read for $9.99 a month. You can start a free 30-day trial by clicking here if you’d like.

The books listed below are designated IF (InstaFreebie) or KU (Kindle Unlimited). Look for something that catches your interest and enjoy a free read!

ALORA: THE WANDER-JEWEL by Tamie Dearen / IF / Alora’s life changes when the boy of her visions appears, leading her to a magic realm, where her soulmate awaits and evil seeks to claim her. / Genre: Young Adult Fantasy, Coming of Age / Full novel
BLAST OF THE DRAGON'S FURY by L. R. W. Lee / IF / Video games don’t train you for real-world dragon fighting. 100+ five-star reviews. Experience it for yourself! / Genre: MG/YA coming-of-age epic fantasy / Full novel
CAVES OF ICE - CAVERNS OF FIRE by Chogan Swan / IF / Join Seth as he embarks on a desperate quest, attracting allies and enemies from all corners in a quest to save the world from the Dark Hand’s power. / Genre: YA Epic Fantasy, Coming of Age / Full novella

SHADOWISLANDS - CITY OF SKIES by Farah Cook / IF / Nora Hunt embarks on a quest to discover the Viking mystery of the hidden Shadowislands. Will she succeed where others have failed? / Genre: Legends,Myths, Fables, Norse / Partial novella
THE LODESTONE by J. Philip Horne / IF / 12-year-old Jack Paris is hunted by an evil wizard from another world. When Jack finally realizes why the wizard needs him, he learns that to live and love, you sometimes have to be willing to die. / Genre: Contemporary Fantasy Adventure, Coming of Age, MG / Partial novel
JOSS THE SEVEN by J. Philip Horne / KU / Joss just discovered he has superpowers, and that's a problem! The Mockers want to force him into a life of crime, and Joss is out of options. / Genre: Contemporary Fantasy Adventure, Coming of Age, MG / Full novel

RETURNING by A.L. Knorr / IF / Equipped with everything she needs to lure her perfect mate, all Mira needs is the opportunity to mingle with humans. / Genre: YA Urban Fantasy / Full novella
BORN OF WATER by A.L. Knorr / KU / Everything you thought you knew about mermaids is wrong. / Genre: YA Urban Fantasy / Full novel
DISCERNING SPIRITS by Kellie McAllen / IF / Zeph is half angel, half human, and a total disappointment. Eve is a mystery that Zeph can’t resist trying to unravel. Together, can they open each other’s eyes to their incredible destiny? / Genre: YA Paranormal Romance / Full novel

SOULMATE by Kellie McAllen / KU / Most people search for years to find their soulmate; Rachel Masterson was born with hers. How could she ever live without him? / Genre: YA Paranormal Romance / Full novel
TRINKA AND THE THOUSAND TALISMANS by Christy Jones / IF / Trinka flunks out of school and finds herself on a fantastic journey. But will she find the courage to do what no one has ever believed she could? / Genre: middle grade fantasy, fantasy adventure / Full novel
THE SILVER STRAND by LJ Clarkson / IF / Twelve year old Isabelle Treason has five days to save her dying magical silver strand if she has any hope of studying magic at Mastermind Academy. / Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy / Partial novel

A FAIRY KING by C. J. Brightley / IF / Young Hannah receives an interesting letter. Is her pen pal a fairy prince or a prankster? / Genre: clean fantasy adventure-romance / Full novella
ANGEL CODES by Ami Blackwelder (M. Black) / IF / Angel and Demon wars in Manhatten and Ali (Student of high school) is the key piece. / Genre: YA Angel Fantasy / Full novel
SIMULATION by M. Black (Ami Blackwelder) / KU / City of ember meets CW's The 100. When your life is a lie, how do you know what to believe? / Genre: YA SyFy Dystopian / Full novel

FAIRY EYEGLASSES by Emily Martha Sorensen / IF / When Cassie finds a magic pair of glasses that let her see fairies, she has to figure out where they came from, and what the fairies want her to do. / Genre: Children's Fantasy / Full novella
PHOENIX AWAKENS by Eliza Nolan / IF / A paranormal debut about a high school senior who finds herself in a fight with a secret society for control of ancient magic. / Genre: YA Paranormal / Full novel
A QUESTION OF FAITH by Nicole Zoltack / IF / If Crystal can't control her magical powers, she'll lose more than her family, her boyfriend, and her faith--she just might start the apocalypse. / Genre: YA PNR, Coming of Age / Full novel

DRAGON TEARS by Nancy Segovia / IF / Can a boy without magic and a dragon that can’t fly save their world from destruction? / Genre: Fantasy - tween to YA / Full novel
BURNING FATE by Claire Luana / IF / A forbidden love. A sister's jealousy. Two countries on the brink of war. One woman forced to choose between the man and the nation that she loves. / Genre: YA Fantasy Romance / Full novella
A KEEPER'S TALE by JA Andrews / IF / A dragon, a hapless hero, and a maiden who doesn't need rescuing. / Genre: YA Epic Fantasy / Full novel

LOLLI & THE LOLLIPOP by Elena Paige / IF / Lolli comes from the Land of Color and speaks directly to children guiding them through stories that they themselves adventure on and feel a part of. / Genre: Children's Fantasy, Action & Adventure / Full novel
LOLLI & THE MEDITATING SNAIL by Elena Paige / KU / Lolli comes from the Land of Color and speaks directly to children guiding them through stories that they themselves adventure on and feel a part of. / Genre: Children's Fantasy, Action & Adventure / Short story
THE FIRST CROWN: A CALEDAN NOVELETTE by Meg Cowley / IF / Is it impossible to kill a god? Bahr, god of Fire, terrorises the land. Can Beren ally with his bitterest enemies before Bahr destroys them all? / Genre: YA Epic Fantasy, YA Coming of Age / Full novella

EUN NA AND THE PHANTOM by Erica Laurie / IF / Four fates intertwine in love and friendship. And a spunky dragon to tie them together. / Genre: YA Fantasy, Romance / Full novel
FOXTAILS: A PARANORMAL REGENCY ROMANCE by Erica Laurie / KU / Elizabeth Pendry is a book worm who likes to believe in fantasy. Little does she know she’s about to discover that fairies do indeed exist. / Genre: YA Fantasy, Romance / Full novel
THE VANISHING by David Callinan / IF / When the animals vanish from Earth, a boy, a girl and their pet orangutan embark on a cosmic quest to get them back / Genre: MG, SF Fantasy, eg 'His Dark Materials' / Partial novel

KAL'S FALL - THE TERISTAQUE CHRONICLES STORY 1 by Aaron Frale / IF / Kal is considered too "fragile" to participate in the village games. She meets a strange star species of the human race who seems to know her father. / Genre: YA Science Fiction Space Opera / Short story
GODDESS ASCENDING by Janeal Falor / IF / Izlana, goddess of creation, has been captured by humans and must find her way back to the heavens. / Genre: YA Fantasy / Full novel
NIGHTFORGED by Carrie Summers / IF / Trapped on a volcano, hunted by savages, and locked in perpetual night, Lilik will survive only if she can master her ancient, innate magic. / Genre: YA Sword and Sorcery, Coming of Age / Partial novel

DEMOLITION LOVE by Layla / IF / In a world where the government uses sonic pulses to control people’s moods, two kids from enemy gangs team up to protect their right to real emotions / Genre: YA Post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi / Full novel
MOLTEN by Layla / KU / A sixteen-year-old dancer falls for a guy with a touch that burns. / Genre: YA Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance / Full novel
HUNT by Leslie Claire Walker / IF / Magic. Courage. Hope. Kevin Landon must use his strange new telepathic magic to defeat the Faery King on Halloween and save those he loves. / Genre: YA Urban Fantasy, Coming of Age / Full novel

LUKE'S WIPEOUT by Megy Davis / IF / Luke loves to take a walk on the wild side! Fun comes to a halt as he battles his way through a maze of fresh responsibility, romance, temptation, a house fire, a night in jail and more. / Genre: YA, Action & Adventure / Full novel
APOCALYPTIC RECORDS by DJ Shaw / IF / Bianca Tailer had always dreamed of making it big. She’d been putting on concerts for friends and family for as long as she could remember / Genre: YA Science Fiction/Fantasy / Short story

One more for the road…
Please enjoy my son’s very short book review of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling. Check out our Youtube channel for more reviews.

52 thoughts on “First Friday Free Fiction”

  1. Free Books! WOW! What a great way to be introduced to a great mixture of new authors. It’s far better than a free trial of the new miracle cure that ultimately cost you $19.95 for shipping and handling. These books are really free and mostly, pretty well written.

  2. This is a wonderful idea. It allows people on a small income to access and read many different Authors. I love Sci fi and Fantasy and wasn’t aware how many Authors I had never heard of, were writing and publishing books.
    Also by reading the first of a Series, if you are like me, you then buy it from Amazon to see what happened next.

  3. As many have stated in other post, I really enjoy the chance for a free book. I am disabled, and on a very strict income. It is a decision every month, to have food or entertainment. When I find a new series I enjoy, I do purchase the books to support the Author & be able to finish a series. Free is always the best though! :-)

    Thanks for your kindness and giving many of us a chance to read books we normally wouldn’t be able to buy.


  4. It seems that quite a few of us have a limited income and tight finances. I also read a lot of books of different genres. Insatiable, really!
    Thank you for posting the first books of a series as that gives the true flavor of that series. I would also Thank you for them being free. That really helps my budget as well.

  5. Thank you for sharing the opportunity to read these books. Family of 5 on limited income means that the bills, then food take up available $’s. The chance to read and escape into a book is a much needed escape, well appreciated.

    Thank you for sharing :)

  6. I too, am disabled, so live on a very strict allowance, so getting books for free is a bonus for me. It takes me usually 2 hours to read one book that is about 2-3 inches thick. So sometimes, if the pain is really bad, read 3-5 books per day. So this will really get expensive to buy a lot of books. It also lets me learn about other authors like myself. Just starting out in my writing, process, myself. So to my fellow writers, good luck in your stories, plus looking forward to reading your books. After I read them, I give reviews too on Goodreads, plus on Amazon. Thanks for giving us the privilege of reading your books. Also go to utube, to listen with audio ebooks with favorite authors, plus learning about new authors on there too. It all helps, when you are on a limited budget.

  7. Thank you for the opportunity to obtain books for free as it gives me the chance to read from different authors up front with out putting out money for a series I may not connect with. I hate spending on a book to not be able to connect to it. I love the books where you can pick it up and from the start at the first page you feel that you are actually experiencing it all the way through to last page and can not wait until the next book is out. It is always the first book that gets you hooked. If I enjoy the first book of a series I will do what I can to obtain all of the rest.

  8. I love to read new authors books and if it is a multple set..I would gladly buy another. But do not care for a middle book and then having to go backwards…..just delete if I have not read the first one. is similar to watching the middle of movie then having to decide do you want to know how it started or how it ends… anxiety will not allow me to break up my thought processes.

  9. I am disabled and do not get out too often and am on a fairly strict budget. Even paying 99 cents for a book can get expensive for readerholic like me. In the colder weather season I read around 25-30 books per week. Free books are my lifesaver! I am not much of a TV person but can read and exercise my imagination through reading favorite and new indie writers. Thank you for freebies!!

    1. I get you Sherri. I too read masses of books and yes paying for all of them would bankrupt me. I too am disabled. I love free books – and too often they tempt into buying more from that author. For me, a free book introduces me to a new author I would not otherwise know about, or realistically, buy their books.

  10. love love love!!! i love the chance to find new authors and try them out. I discovered one author and loved the book so much i bought every ebook they made lol.

  11. Thank you so much for making books available to those of us who really live on a fixed income. This is also a great way to explore new author’s. Once again thank you. Linda

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