First Friday Free Fiction

Welcome! I’m J. Philip Horne, your host. I write fantasy novels for MG & YA readers. I don’t have an active promotion this month. Sorry!
I’ve just launched my new novel, GUARDIAN ANGEL. It’s the second book in the Guild of Sevens series and the sequel to JOSS THE SEVEN. Amazon reviewers give JOSS THE SEVEN 5 stars!

Sorry! We don't have an active promotion going on right now.


The books in this bonus section are by the same authors that have books listed above. These books are free to read for those of you who are part of the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program. Kindle Unlimited is an Amazon program that has a ton of books available to read for $9.99 a month. You can start a free 30-day trial by clicking here if you’d like.

None here either.

One more for the road…
Please enjoy my son’s very short book review of Thaddeus Whiskers and the Dragon by H.L. Burke. You can get the book here. Join me on my Facebook page for more fun!

78 thoughts on “First Friday Free Fiction”

  1. Thanks for such a wonderful offer, but instant freebie does not work on my phone right. Do you know if any of the Author’s go through Book funnel? Thanks for understanding my situation, your reader and friend Patricia Rose

    1. I personally send an email with a backup Bookfunnel download for my book, but I’m not sure about the other authors.
      J. Philip Horne

  2. I think some of these books would be interesting reading. But due to problems with my computer it won’t download instafreebie books.

    1. I’m really sorry to hear that. I actually provide an alternate download link to bookfunnel in one of the first emails I send for my books. I know several other authors do this as well, fwiw.

    2. I have problems with instafreebie too, so instead of mobi or epub I try to get the books as PDF. Might work for you. (Problem is with my old Kindle, not the IFree program itself.)

  3. I’m soo happy to see the MG/YA books included.

    I think once before, there was a separate list or link for them.

    One of the best First Fridays with new works added!

    1. That’s right. I change up the theme a bit each month, but try to make sure the MG/YA books work with the theme, whatever it is.

  4. Thank you for the time and effort you give to bring readers and writers together. I have found many a fabulous author to follow and series to read from First Friday Free Fiction!!

  5. Love that you offer this chance for everyone to get to know of and dive into so many different authors and books. It is a wonderful opportunity and to many, those of us on tight budgets, it is like a huge gift. There is no way I could afford to pick up these books, to become acquainted with the new series. I thank you for the opportunity.

    1. Ditto for me! I really appreciate being able to get books that I can store on a Kindle so that they don’t take up space in my limited space while I’m rehabbing.

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