Joss the Seven


A young teenager with newly-discovered powers is sought by the Mockers for a life of crime and must fight back to protect his family.

JOSS THE SEVEN is an adventure wrapped in a fantastical version of the real world tucked inside a crime caper and written for tweens and teens. It’s the first book in the Guild of Sevens series!


Fourteen-year-old Joss Morgan loves a good prank, but the joke’s on him when he discovers he has superpowers. The Mockers are coming for Joss, and they’ll use any means necessary to force him into a life of crime.

The Guild of Sevens asks Mara to secretly train Joss in his new powers. To fight back against the Mockers, Mara sends him on missions to steal corporate secrets. Fighting crime with crime feels upside down, and soon Joss wonders which side he’s really on.

Then the Mockers show up at his house, and Joss is out of time. He sets up a desperate, high-stakes prank to save his family. If he fails, he won’t end up in the principal’s office. He’ll be six feet under.