J Philip Horne

Month: July 2017

Six Question Saturday with Sarah Ashwood

Here’s our author for today’s Six Question Saturday!

Don’t believe all the hype: Sarah Ashwood isn’t really a gladiator, a Highlander, an expert fencer, a skilled horsewoman, an archer, a magic wielder, or a martial arts expert. That’s only in her mind. In real life, she’s a genuine Okie from Muskogee who holds a B.A. in English from American Military University, and is the author of the Sunset Lands Beyond fantasy trilogy, Amana, A Minstrel’s Musings, and more than 37 works published in a wide variety of anthologies, magazines, and webzines. She lives (mostly) quietly at home with her husband and three sons, where she tries to sneak in a daily workout or run to save her sanity. …

Six Question Saturday with Arthur Daigle

It’s possible I grabbed a picture of the wrong Arthur. Maybe. We’ll probably never know.

Here’s our author for today’s Six Question Saturday!

Arthur is the author (no jokes, please, he’s heard them all) of five books. These include William Bradshaw King of the Goblins, William Bradshaw and a Faint Hope, William Bradshaw and War Unending, William Bradshaw and Fool’s Gold and Goblin Stories. These books were almost inevitable given that the author has been a fan of science fiction and fantasy since he was old enough to walk. Major influences include the works of the puppeteer and filmmaker Jim Henson and the British artist Brian Froud. Expect more books in the Will Bradshaw series, as all attempts to stop Arthur from writing have failed. …

Six Question Saturday with Elise Edmonds

Here’s our author for today’s Six Question Saturday!

Elise Edmonds is a new writer from the South-West UK. Reading and writing have always been her doorways into another world—a way to escape and spend time walking with wizards, flying with fairies and dealing with dragons. By day she is a finance professional, and in her spare time she pursues writing as a creative outlet, to put the magic back into everyday life. In addition to reading, Elise enjoys watching movies, playing the piano, and going to Zumba classes. Her greatest loves are God, her husband, her family and friends, and her two beautiful cats. She has currently published one young adult fantasy novel, Where Carpets Fly.

Six Question Saturday with C.S. Johnson

Here’s our author for today’s Six Question Saturday!

S. Johnson is the author of several young adult novels, including sci-fi and fantasy adventures such as The Starlight Chronicles series, the Once Upon a Princess saga, and the Divine Space Pirates trilogy. With a gift for sarcasm and an apologetic heart, she currently lives in Atlanta with her family. Follow her on Twitter at @C_S_Johnson13. …

Six Question Saturday with Katy Huth Jones

Here’s our author for today’s Six Question Saturday!

Katy Huth Jones grew up in a family where creative juices overflowed and made puddles to splash in. Since 1992 she has published over 100 short stories, magazine articles, and books, including 2 MG fantasies, 4 YA fantasies with a 5th to be released later this year, 1 YA historical fiction, 2 early readers, 1 YA nonfiction, and 1 poetry collection. She looks for every excuse to dress up and wishes she could have a real dragon. …