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Six Question Saturday with Krista Wagner

Here’s our author for today’s Six Question Saturday!

Krista Wagner is a 70’s product of Southern California who lives with her Marine Corp veteran husband, three very entertaining children, and an indispensable faith in Christ. She has four published novels, two thrillers, one middle-grade fantasy, and a YA realistic fiction.

You can find her here.

Now… on to the six questions! If you have any questions of your own, please leave them in the comments, and hopefully Krista will drop by and answer them.

Question 1: Is there another life experience you’ve had that you believe compares well to writing your first novel in terms of both the difficulty and sense of accomplishment? If not, what do you think might compare well?

Working toward my three degrees: BA in English, MA in English Composition and MFA in Creative Writing. The process of obtaining these degrees was rigorous and time-consuming, but well worth it in the end for, like my love for writing stories, I am able to live out my love for working with college students.

Question 2: Tell us about that moment you decided to actually complete a novel. Had writing been on your mind for years, or was it a sudden impulse? What did you do next?

The final class for my MFA required a full-length screenplay. I started writing at the age of seven but had lost touch with creative writing during my twelve years of college. This last course was a blessing as it brought me back to my first love/gift. I wrote both a full-length screenplay and then the novel version for my thesis.

Question 3: What’s your writing setup? How do you take notes? What’s your process to develop a first draft? Are any tools critical to your success?

An idea will hit me, the characters start talking, and I start writing. The tools: to revel in the experience of the story to naturally unravel and to allow God to work within you; amazing things start to happen to the plot and characters and to your growth as a writer.

Question 4: What book or series would you most love to see made into a movie or Netflix series? What would you fear the director or screenwriter would get wrong?

That’s difficult to answer. Not sure.

Question 5: Can you write some verse (any form) that describes your hopes as an author? Or the theme of one of your books?

(From indigo’s struggle): The blood-stained fingers
Clenched the throne
Of the heavens
In Your hands a long-stemmed
White rose
You bring it to me
With all the love in Your heart
I think, “How?”
Because what I see
Is the blackness of my soul
The corrosion in my body
From the enemy
Who bonds with me
Who won’t release
Powder-sugared flakes
Frosting the drops of sin
Freezing them inside my soul
Unremembered Love
Drapes itself
Across the vast field
Of sickness
And lies there silently in its tomb

Question 6: You step onto an elevator with three other people, all representatives of your core audience. The doors close. You have their attention until they get off 18 floors later. Buddy the elf is not on the elevator with you, so it’s going to be a quick trip. What do you say to convince them to read your novels?

Do you want to experience something that is full of mystery and trouble but gives way to hope?

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